Romance Retreats FAQ



Who are Romance Retreats

Romance Retreats is a romantic holiday cottage search engine. We work with several well established and respected partners (affiliates) to bring you a fabulous selection of romantic holiday homes across the UK. We collate all the romantic holiday properties from our partners and bring them together in one easy to use website to help you find your perfect romantic holiday home with minimum fuss.

Is my holiday reservation made through Romance Retreats?

No. Your holiday reservation is made through one of our partner websites. When you click the "Go To Booking Website" button you are taken away from this site. From this point on, our work is done. We have, hopefully, helped you find your perfect romantic holiday cottage!

Can you amend the details of my holiday?

No - your holiday isn't actually booked through Romance Retreats. You need to speak to the partner you used to book the holiday.

Who do I speak to about any issues with this website?

If you are experiencing issues with this website, or have a question about the site, please contact us.

Who do I speak to about an issue with a booking or my holiday?

If you would like to speak to someone about your holiday, or booking your holiday, please speak directly to the partner that the booking is being made with. We are unable to assist in these types of queries.

Information on your site is different form the information on your partner website

We receive our information directly from our partners on a daily basis. If pricing or availability changes throughout the day it is possible that this site can be a few hours out of date. Please double-check before booking.